Current Exhibitions - Center for Visual Arts

Annual Members Only Exhibition
February 2 - 22, 2018

Reception & Open House: Friday, February 2, 2018, 6pm-8pm
A dynamic exhibition of awe-inspiring artwork in a wide array of media. Enjoy a truly phenomenal display of work by our talented members. Each year just gets better and better. Help us celebrate 29 years of great member art!

Award Winners

“Beatrice Banyon” - Anita Kuciemba

“Escape from Goshen” - Del Holt

“Agua XXVI: Storm” - Muffy Clark Gill

“Sabals Coming Alive” - Tanya Trinkaus Glass

“Reaching for the Sky” - Joel Shapses

“Blooming” - Nuch Owen

“Party Teapot” - Louise Soderlund


Helen Alspaugh Award
“Our Waitress Was An Angel”
Susan Enos

Bill Lightner Award
“Goodness and Hope”
Karen E. Harris

Jeanne Bradley Award
Cinda Culver

Jacke McCurdy Award
“A Storm is Approaching”
Joan Roberts

Florence Carey Award
Beth Dubay

June O’Connell Award
“Horizon Series 2”
Kathleen Wint Carlsson

Marcelle Casavant Award
“Angels in the Rose Garden”
Barbara Ellis

Lou Packard Award
“Violet Splash”
Tammy Staab

Edythe Clarkson Award
“Exploring Picnic Island”
Tammy Cox

Jackie Pechette Award
Faye Ormseth

Polly Cotton Award
“End of February”
Pat Forbes

Edward Roche Award
“Onaping Falls”
George Tiviluk

Cherrill Cregar Award
“Palmetto Abstract”
Hilda Champion

Anne Steiger Award
“Path to Paradise”
Lynn R Smart

Barbara Culbertson Award
“Yellow Fellows”
Sherry DeGennaro

Patricia Sturm Award
“Oldog Island I”
Andy Owen

Chloe Dale Award
“Buffalo Bob”
BJ Cooper

Marie Tranovich Award
“Hiding from the Compton Effect”
Diane Renee Mugford

Mitzi Ferguson Award
“Fern Mania”
Jane Frendberg

Thomas Vaughn Award
“Its All About the Cats Eye”
Marilyn Wisner

Mary Granlund Award
“Saragossa Sea I”
Richard Diedrich

Alma Vitzthum Award
“Black Sentinel”
Georgia Strange

Lucy Griffin Award
“Golden Hills of California”
Lou Amato

Ola Mae Wheaton Award
Helen Febbo

Sally Grugan Award
Linda Hardee

Bob Wismar Award
“Through the Woods”
Michael Domina

Ruth Hardy Award
“Broken Promises”
Betty Harper

Mary Beth Crawford Award
“Better Hurry”
Don Jones

Polly Hill Award
“Morning Fog”
Lauren Gill

Polly Nesi Award
“Fakahatchee Reverie”
Janice Lutton

Virginia Kick Award
“Classical Glass II”
Loretta Hamilton

Tom Briers Award
“Happy Birthday to My Love”
Erick Montes De Oca

Hazel Kilinski Award
“Capitol Reef I”
Bill Hudson

Chairman of the Board Award
Mary Parkman

Chairman of the Board Award
“Note to Self”
Marnie Becker

Current Exhibition - Center for Performing Arts

The Art of Diedrich, McCurdy, Nisita and Skiba
December 20, 2017 – February 16, 2018

This exhibition showcases the parallel pathways of four contemporary artists. Side by side, each of these exhibitors demonstrates the mastery of their medium. From impressionist still lifes to experimental alcohol inks, architectural watercolors to contemporary realism, experience a contrast of style and form that will not cease to inspire!